Sonic Season

It all begins in 1996, when two friends meet  during a concert and discover their common passion for acoustic music. After a few sessions, Sonja Hewer and Alexandra Schwarz/”Solex” start playing unplugged in different pubs and at festivals in Germany and Luxemburg.                                                      They start out  with covering other people´s songs, but soon they come up with their own ideas. In the same year, they do a live recording which already contains “Variety Show”.
One year later, “Thin Line” convinces the jury of a  SR3-band contest in Saarbrücken of the girl´s musical talent. “Don’t go away” follows in 1998.

At the same time, Sonja plays in a duet with the percussionist Alain Graf (Alex joins them once in a while) and sings in a show band together with Bernd Schäfer, Alain and Ivo Mueller, who´ll join the band later.

In January 2001, the four decide to get together as Sonic Season, initially as another cover band, but soon they decide to create more of their own songs, which turns out to be a good idea: They make it all the way to the Emergenza finals 2001 in Luxemburg, where the media and concert organizers are attracted to them.

In the following weeks they reach more than they ever thought they´d be able to: Interviews on TV, on different radio stations and in the press. Furthermore, they played at some of the greatest events in Luxemburg, such as Rock um Knuedler/Luxemburg and the Fête de la Musique/Dudelange next to Manfred Man´s Earth Band, Foolsgarden and Ash and excite their audience.