Rock um Knuedler – Horse Stage

Line Up Horse Stage by backline! asbl

In 2002, backline! was charged by the “Luxembourg City Tourist Office LCTO”, promoter of the well known open air festival “Rock um Knuedler”, to set up the band line up of the “Horse Stage”, intended to be a platform mainly for young newcomer bands. backline! also hosts a stand at the venue where local bands, associations and collectives can sell CDs and other merchandising stuff.

Horse Stage Line Up 2006

  • Six Pax
  • Javies
  • Fast Friday
  • Eternal Tango
  • La Fa Connected

Horse Stage Line Up 2005

  • Treasure Chest at the End of the Rainbow
  • Extinct
  • Do Androïds Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • Ex-Inferis
  • Kunn & the Magic Muffins.

Horse Stage Line Up 2003

  • D-Fact
  • Inborn
  • Myein
  • Desdemonia
  • Solipism
  • Toxkäpp

Horse Stage Line Up 2002

  • The Poshblokes
  • Torpid
  • The Last Millennium Suckers
  • Kitshickers
  • Petrograd
  • Zap Zoo
  • Low Density Corporation